Aughostus & Friends

Story Art

“Approaching the Portal” – A graphite illustration of the whole gang in the magical forest: Mossy the Moss Spirit, Cloudy-Puffs, Girl From the Forest Floor, Aughostus, Shumi Mushrumi and Crypsu the Crystal Spirit.

The video above is put together using the rough storyboards I made for a short animation. The working title of the short is: “We’re All in this Together” – So the idea I had is that – basically it seems like pretty much everyone is having a pretty bad day, except for Shumi who seems indestructibly happy. Cloudy gets blown away, Mossy gets pooped on, Cryspu has to go into zen mode after accidentally knocking down a bee hive, but eventually Shumi ends up in the worst pickle of them all… after stepping through Portal (portal into space) …in the end everyone comes together to help Shumi out.

Girl From the Forest Floor

I focused on developing an illustration of “The Girl From the Forest Floor” in my section of a how-to guidebook that was published in 2015. These are a few of the images (above) featured in “Chibi Manga Irresistible” released in Spring of 2015 through HarperDesign within my 12-page spread of the guidebook.

“I Spy”

Graphite illustration featuring many of the

GFFF – Prototype v.02

Prototype for a vinyl toy of GFFF w/Aughostus in her hand and Shumi Mushrumi in her bag. Currently in production with Clutter Studios.