BLU the Aquanaut – sneak peek at my secret project


BLU the Aquanaut

This body of work based around my character, Blu the Aquanaut, is one of the first gestations of a '‘Small Seekers’' character. The world you see when viewing his environment lies entirely within the ocean, mainly the deep sea. He lives in an underwater habitat which also houses his laboratory. These are a few of the sketches, concepts and designs for the project. Blu is a decendent of “Pirate Sullivan” another “Small Seeker” character who is a pirate with a love for adventure and all things nautical.

Blu with Harp Seals - Black ink and gouache (2009)

Sea Soothe - Black ink and gouache (2009)

Close-up of Blu in action observing a bio-luminescent creature of the deep. (rough sketch - concept art)

Blu in the Lab - Black ink and gouache (2009)

Blu's Notes - Studies on Creatures of the Deep & Bioluminescence

Blu's Barrel Eye Fish Sub

Work-in-progress: "Blu Discovers Underwater Volcanos in the Marianas Trench"

Character studies, works in progress, materials, etc.. showing preschool kids my process as the featured guest artist for "Artist Appreciation" (Photo by Ashley Lucas) 2010