Character Design

Character design work.


Designing for the Tavises Magic Eyes project included: Re-designing the old Magic Eyes character as well as original character design of a whole team of characters, action poses and assistance storyboarding/concept for the animation of the theme song. Magic Eyes is a national environmental initiative to teach people how to recycle, sort garbage properly, compost, etc. 


Created many characters, concepts, color stories and storyboards for the Magic Eyes re-design. Below are some of the unused ideas:

Aughostus & Friends

A few of the main characters from the world of MUMBOT.


“Shumi Mushrumi” the Mushroom Spirit

“Mossy” the Moss Spirit

“Cryspu” the Crystal Spirit

“Cloudy Puffs” the Cloud Spirit

“Bow Bow” – the Rainbow spirit (bow is pronounced the same as the bow in rainBOW)

“Bow Bow” – the Rainbow spirit PASTEL MAKEOVER ver.