Plush Collection

Character Design & Product Design by MUMBOT.

Photography by iPai at Flick of the Light Studios.

Aughostus the Ghost

Mossy the Moss Spirit

Cryspu the Crystal Spirit

Art Direction, Production, After Effects by MUMBOT.

This video was created to reflect the aesthetic of the MUMBOT WORLD plush and promote the release at HOT TOPIC (in-store and online) as well as at BOX LUNCH.

Photo Story:

"A ghostly little stroll with Meadow and her Aughostus plush…"

Concept, art direction, styling, photography, location, prop – all provided by MUMBOT. Vintage bought dress and MUMBOT enamel pin on the lapel.

Model: Meadow.

With Aughostus’s birthday approaching October 31st, it felt right to create a photo story for our social media showcasing the magic, mystery, nature aesthetic and creepy-cute atmosphere around this adorable ghost plush. Released on our social media @mumbot October 24th, 2020.